First review for popCULT!, from Eric Brown in the Guardian on Saturday May 7 2011:

“PopCULT! by David Barnett (Pendragon Press, £9.99)

The genre favours supermen over the ordinary man in the street, proactive heroes over lonely, socially awkward souls, but one of the many delights of Barnett’s fourth novel is its put-upon hero, Stuart Balfour. He’s writing a definitive history of British popular culture, battling penury and swimming through the doldrums after the break-up of his marriage. On the trail of Carry On, You Old Devil, a film that was never made, he is lured into the clutches of an underground organisation bent on taking over the world, comprising a charismatic leader, a chameleon woman who fulfils every observer’s fantasy, and an alien entity responsible for the zeitgeist of trivial culture and celebrity obsession. Barnett entertains and instructs in equal measure and spins a wonderful absurdist thriller-cum-social commentary as Balfour slowly comes to realise the true nature of the cult and the nefarious aims of its leader, the immortal Tyler.”


Scott Pack is reading a short story every day for a year. One of them was THE END OF THE WORLD SHOW, of which he said: “Barnett’s story starts out as a cross between Armageddon and Coronation Street. The wry humour makes you think that this is going to be a black comedy but as the story progresses it all goes a bit Day of the Triffids and ends up with a beautiful bittersweet moment on Blackpool Pier.” He gives it four stars.


Some nice words about THE END OF THE WORLD SHOW, which is included in The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF (Constable Robinson, 2009):

There is one story here that is worth reading: The End of the World Show by David Barnett. This is a very English, very funny look at the last week of the earth. Think Shawn of the Dead funny. It’s really a very nearly perfect story. – Jack Of Alltrades, review

A very British sort of apocalypse. Mike Ashley said he didn’t want a zombie apocalypse, though he made an exception here. I’m glad, it’s handled well and with humour! – R. Palmer, review

David Barnett’s “The End of The World Show”, which turns out to be extremely funny and also very moving right at the end.  Tinhead, review

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