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8 November: Why the 2012 World Fantasy Awards are a triumph

19 October: Jack Kerouac’s Octoberish Magic

2 October: Jo Walton’s Among Others: “It’s a mythologisation of part of my life”

4 September: Jo Walton wins the Hugo for reverse Harry Potter tale

31 August: He never leaves the seat up not my work, says Pam Ayres

17 August: My belated thank you to Liz Lochhead

19 July: Crime fiction: Evidence points to a clash of genres

27 June: More Game of Thrones! Faster! Fans create musical plea to author

12 June: Maurice Sendak’s British editor: ‘I have lost a very, very great friend’

06 June: Ray Bradbury, writer who captivated a generation of sci-fi fans, dies at 91

01 June: Bring on the blood-spattered bodies – the Tories are in power

23 May: Gay superheroes: Holy cow! Why is everyone in a hurry to out Batman?

04 May: Jubilee reading, fit for a queen

09 April: The rise of Eastercon: the SF/fantasy convention with community spirit

07 March: Cuddly Cthulhu: how HP Lovecraft’s dark materials turned soft

24 February: 2000AD at 35: A future you can still look forward to

10 February: Deathless prose: the vampire novel of the century

19 January: Fox goes into battle with Batman and Superman

13 January: The Kitschie awards have their Tentacles in the best genre fiction

03 January: Mapping the storyverse


26 December: Winter Read: The Midnight Bell by Patrick Hamilton

20 December: Science Fiction geeky? Tell that to Simon le Bon

07 December: ‘Watchmen 2’ prequel rumours divide readers

15 November: Are Frank Miller’s politics visible in his comics?

31 October: MR James’ ghost stories: Celebrate Halloween the old-fashioned way

06 October: British Fantasy Award winner returns prize

27 September: The glory of bad SF and fantasy cover art

21 September: Fool for proofs: the advance reading copy trade

19 September: Can you dig Talk Like a Beat Day?

01 September: ‘Not-verisimilitude’ in fiction

28 July: Tête-bêche books make a speculative return

20 July: Stories told by book dedications

11 July: The charm of battered books

21 June: Embrace an indie publisher!

31 May: The incredible shrinking presence of women SF writers

26 May: Putting South African science fiction on the map

20 May: Apocalypse now? Christian Rapture fiction and the end of the world

29 April: Should The Great Gatsby really be called Drink Responsibly?

18 April: Game of Thrones: Girls want to play, too

30 March: How not to handle bad reviews

23 March: SF, fantasy and horror fans get to grips with the reality of Japan crisis

11 March: Science fiction author begins war of the books worlds

01 March: The indefinable charm of satirical dictionaries

08 February: After Tolkien, get Bored of the Rings

13 January: Catcher in the Rye sequel might just be a good idea