HINTERLAND ( Immanion Press 2005, re-issued 2008 )

What is the shadowy beast that roams the lonely moors? Why does a mass-produced painting leave its owners horribly dead? Why does no-one speak of the lost girls living on a small island in the middle of the duck pond? Who sits in the sinister black cars that watch the streets?

And what secrets does the man with the violin case hold?

These are the mysteries which set a young journalist lurching away from the normal, everyday life he leads and into a nightmarish world he never knew existed, yet which hides in plain sight all around him.

And at the heart of it all, a nightclub where those who walk paths unknown to the rest of us party on, through day and night and towards the end of the world.

The blurred edges of this strange, mythic world are brought into sharp, horrifying focus as one man discovers that scratching the surface of normality can throw up all kinds of surprises – and not all of them pleasant.

Whether the enigmas herald a terrifying conspiracy that threatens the lives of innocent people who just happen to take too much notice of the world around them, or are simply the signposts to drug-fuelled insanity, the question remains: Once you’ve noticed just how weird life really is, can you ever go home again?

 Reviews: “An intriguing psychological thriller”, Sam Wostear, The Sun; “Highly recommended high strangeness – 10/10”, Fortean Times

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