In present-day Prague, an amnesiac is discovered on the outskirts of the city and slowly absorbed into a household of expatriates preparing for a massive anti-globalisation protest.

In the Bohemian capital at the close of the 16th century, a man with no memories is presented to the court of Rudolf II, melancholy ruler of the Habsburgs who presides over a chaotic court of seers, alchemists, charlatans and frauds.

And in a shining city on the edge of forever, a being of a higher order is about to fall from grace.

As these three stories entwine and mingle towards an explosive climax, truth and lies become harder to distinguish and the question is posed: How can you know yourself, when no-one around you is what they claim to be?

Review: “The melding of the two compelling story-lines is effortlessly handled, and the breathless denouement draws together story, characters and theme in a seamless whole. Who is Poutnik, and what is his role in both sets of events? Barnett provides the answers in a novel that is both moving and profoundly truthful. Angelglass is stunning.” Eric Brown, The Guardian

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