In which lovely people say nice things about #CallingMajorTom

CallingMajorTom-R2 1CALLING MAJOR TOM has been out in ebook format for a couple of weeks now (the paperback is released June 29). There have been some very lovely writers saying extremely nice things about it… here’s a selection below, with links to their own books which you should obviously buy.

A bitter-sweet, original blend of social realism and sci-fi; funny, engaging and honest. (Stuart Maconie, an exceptional fellow Wiganer whose latest book is THE PIE AT NIGHT)

A book about loneliness, about bravery, about the walls we all put up to protect ourselves and about how it is never ever too late to try to change. (Katie Marsh, author of MY EVERYTHING)

A gorgeously quirky story about families, forgiveness and unexpected friendships – sheer joy. (Lucy Diamond, author of THE SECRETS OF HAPPINESS)

…a pure pleasure to read, full of well-observed characters and hope, and a much-needed antidote for these worrying times. (Julie Cohen, author of TOGETHER)

CALLING MAJOR TOM is blooming marvellous! Original, moving and mercilessly funny, this is an unashamedly feel-good story. I laughed, I cried and I cheered for the wonderful characters. Don’t hesitate – fall in love with this book! (Miranda Dickinson, author of SEARCHING FOR A SILVER LINING)

Brilliant, funny, heartwarming and exactly what everyone needs right now. I loved it. (Rachael Lucas, author of WILDFLOWER BAY)

A funny, moving, absorbing hot chocolate of a story – hot chocolate with chilli, that is, because there were bits were I laughed aloud! The pages just turned themselves – I can’t wait for the next David Barnett. (Daniela Sacerdoti, author of CALLING YOU HOME)


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