Australia! New Zealand! Calling Major Tom has landed!

cmt-internationalOn January 31, 2017, a special international trade paperback edition of CALLING MAJOR TOM is made available in Australia, New Zealand… which essentially means you lucky people get a dedicated physical copy five whole months before the UK.

Why? Well, because you’re all lovely, lovely people is why. I should know – my mum’s cousin lives in Sydney (hello Brenda) and has three Aussie-born kids (who are now probably nearly as old as me (hello Susan, Leslie and Scott). Also, Hachette’s Australian operation read an early draft of the book and thought it so funny they demanded their own edition, to come out before any whingeing Poms got their hands on it.

So that’s why you get it. Now go and buy it so I don’t look stupid. Those drongos at Amazon don’t appear to have the paperback on the Aus site yet (though they do have the audiobook, which is fantastic and well funny, and the e-book, if that’s your bag) but I’m sure they’ll get their act together soon.

In the meantime, here are some lovely people who do have it listed. If you do get one and like it, leave us a review, mate – they’re hugely helpful on Amazon etc.

BOOKTOPIA has both ebook and paperback for Australian readers

DYMOCKS can do home delivery or pick up at your local store

ANGUS & ROBERTSON BOOKWORLD has 15% off at the moment

ABBEY’S in Sydney is an actual shop that also does mail order

THE MIGHTY APE is in NZ and has the coolest name ever

I’m sure there’ll be more and if you spot any places selling it I’ve missed, by all means drop me a line and I’ll add them in here.


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