Gideon Smith needs YOU!

OK, I’m not going to beat around the bush with you here.

I need you to buy my books.

Specifically, I need you to buy Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl or its sequel, Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon. And while I want everyone, everywhere to read these books, I’m particularly sending out this appeal to readers in the US and Canada.

Here’s the thing. Gideon Smith book one came out in September 2013. Brass Dragon was released four months ago, in September 2014. I’ve finished and delivered book three, Gideon Smith and the Mask of the Ripper, and that’s due for release on September 29 this year.

What I would really like is for my publishers Tor Books to want to publish maybe three more Gideon Smiths, so that I can tell the whole story. I’m at that position where, maybe in a couple of months or so, Tor will be looking at the sales figures and deciding whether this is something they want to carry on with.

Or not.

I’m hoping they will – I’d really like to finish the story I started in Mechanical Girl, and there is a complete Gideon Smith arc in my head, with lots of adventures to tell over another trio of books before the story is wrapped up.

But publishing is a business, not a charity. There will only be more Gideon Smiths if it’s financially viable for Tor to publish them. Therefore, I’m asking you if you’ll go and buy the first two books, if you haven’t already.

Maybe you’ve got it on your “to buy” list, but haven’t got round to it. Now would be a great time. Maybe you’ve read some of the great reviews of both books (see here and here) and filed the books’ titles away for a look sometime in the future. The future is here. Maybe you’ve already bought one or both – and thank you! – but perhaps there’s a friend or family member who you might persuade to buy it? Better yet, buy them as a gift! Maybe you can’t afford them. You know what? You could go to your local library and ask them to buy it in so you could borrow it.

If I don’t get to write more Gideon Smiths, I’ve got plenty more books in the planning and writing stages. I’d love to write more Gideon, though. And I’d love to get the chance to write more books full stop. I’ve got a better chance of doing that – and you’ve get a better chance of reading them – if the current books sell in sufficient numbers.

So, if you’re able, please think about buying a Gideon Smith book. You might even enjoy it…

Oh look, some handy links:

Mechanical Girl at Amazon

Brass Dragon at Amazon

Mechanical Girl at Barnes and Noble

Brass Dragon at Barnes and Noble

Mechanical Girl at Indiebound

Brass Dragon at Indiebound



  1. Hi David, I have an order for Brass Dragon with Snowbooks which they seem unable to fulfil for months … I want the hardback to go with the Mechanical Girl hardback you kindly signed for me at the Petrie. Please give them a shove…

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