The Endless Night of the North – a Gideon Smith short story

imageEspecially for Halloween, I’ve put up on Kindle a short story (approximately 6,000 words) entitled THE ENDLESS NIGHT OF THE NORTH, set a couple of years before the events of Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl and starring Louis Cockayne and Dr John Reed.

The action takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1888, when Cockayne and Reed find themselves investigating a series of brutal murders ascribed to the mysterious “Dwarf of Gothenburg”.

The episode is actually referenced in the first novel, when Gideon first meets Louis Cockayne:

“I ran into a vampire a couple of years ago,” said Cockayne. He nodded at Trigger. “With John Reed, actually. Over in Gothenburg, Sweden. I think you might have written it up.”

The Endless Night of the North,” said Gideon. “World Marvels & Wonders, February 1889. I read it.”

Cockayne smirked. “You read it, boy? I lived it.”

The story is available on Amazon Kindle priced at around 99c/77p. Links below, and I hope you enjoy it.

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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