Brass Dragon reviews round-up

One week since publication of Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon, so time for a quick round-up of recent reviews:

“Plenty to enjoy in this gleeful mix of brass goggles, sword-wielding swashbucklers, Darwin, and dinosaurs”

– Publishers Weekly 

Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl was a fast-paced action-packed steampunk adventure and this sequel more than matches up to its predecessor”

– RT Book Reviews

“It’s a book – and a series – that keeps you wondering and keeps you wanting. I loved every moment of it”

– Nerdophiles

” This enjoyable romp is recommended for lovers of high adventure, proponents of alternative historical fiction, blazing minds always alight with the possible ‘what ifs'”


“I certainly hope that there are more Gideon Smith books on the horizon because Barnett has himself a fan. Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon is highly recommended”

– Speculative Book Review

“Here is the next one at last.  And it is as rollicking a ride as the first (thank goodness)!”

– BD13 Books

“The pages seem to turn themselves as Barnett’s crisp narrative grips and does not let go”

– Electric Review

“This newest novel in the Gideon Smith series is fast-paced, full-throttle fun for goggle and clockwork fans. Enjoy!”

– Count Gore de Vol’s Tomb of Dark Delights

“A great read that has left me hungry for a third helping”

– Beauty in Ruins


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