Gideon Smith swag: Rowena Fanshawe T-shirts on sale!


I’d imagine that if you’re of sound mind that you’d probably want to get your hands on one of these rather wonderful T-shirts that UK publisher Snowbooks has made to celebrate Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl.


The T-shirt design is in the form of an advertisement for the business of Rowena Fanshawe, the “Belle of the Airways” and dirigible pilot extraordinaire who appears in all three of the Gideon Smith books.


The legend reads: “Fanshawe Aeronautical Endeavours – No job too large, too small… or too perilous! Enquiries: Highgate Aerodrome, London”

It’s somewhat spiffing and although I’ve known the shirts have been in the works, I just spotted that Snowbooks has relaunched its website and they’re on sale now – just GB£19.99 in a variety of sizes to suit all steampunk body-shapes.

Get one in for your summer jollies now. And send me a pic of you wearing one in some exotic locale (Grimsby, Morecambe, that sort of thing) and I’ll post a selection on the site.

Click here for the direct link to the T-shirt and the Snowbooks home page is here.


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