Audio dramatisations for Gideon Smith

graphicaudioI’m delighted to announce that the first three Gideon Smith books – Mechanical Girl, the forthcoming BRASS DRAGON, and September 2015’s GIDEON SMITH AND THE MASK OF THE RIPPER – are to be turned into full-cast audio dramatisations with music, sound FX etc.

Full release here from my agent John Jarrold:

GraphicAudio will be producing dramatic audio editions (abridged audio with a full cast, sound effects, and music) of David Barnett’s Gideon Smith steampunk trilogy, having acquired rights from Tor US.  They have previously acquired rights to Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy.

Claire Eddy, Senior Editor at Tor Books in New York, acquired World English Language rights deal for the books in 2011. The agent was John Jarrold.  The first book, GIDEON SMITH AND THE MECHANICAL GIRL, was released by Tor (and by Snowbooks in the UK) in September 2013 to good sales and reviews.  The sequel, GIDEON SMITH AND THE BRASS DRAGON, will follow in September 2014.

David Barnett is an author and award-winning journalist. He was born in Wigan in 1970 and has worked in regional newspapers since he was 19 years old. He is currently Assistant Editor (Content) at the Telegraph & Argus in Bradford, West Yorkshire, following a 24 year career in newspapers, predominantly as a writer/editorial manager for regional newspapers but which has also included work for publications as diverse as the Daily Star and the Guardian Online. He is the author of three published novels, HINTERLAND (2005) and ANGELGLASS (2007 – described by the Guardian as “stunning”), both published by Immanion Press, and popCULT! (2011), Pendragon Press. In 2009 Immanion Press brought out a collection comprising a novella and 13 short stories, THE JANUS HOUSE AND OTHER TWO-FACED TALES. He is married to Claire, also an award-winning journalist, and they have two children, Charlie and Alice.

I’m really excited about this, not only because it’s the first time my work has been transferred to audio but because the company involved, Graphic Audio, have a really innovative approach – these aren’t just audio books but full dramatisations. They’re roster is really impressive – they’ve done adaptations of Marvel and DC work including The Ultimates and Batman, plus Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy and forthcoming is Cherie Priest’s steampunk saga beginning with the excellent Boneshaker.

No idea yet on release dates etc but will keep you informed.



  1. This is great news. I have the hardback but love audiobooks. Graphic Audio are absolutely first-rate, this is gonna be good……. Please keep us updated.

    1. Hi Davieboy, that’s good to know about Graphic Audio doing good stuff… as soon as I know release dates etc I’ll be sure to post them. Thanks for your support!

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