Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon – Tor catalog copy

For your delectation, here’s the page from the latest Tor Books catalog for Fall 2014 featuring the cover and solicitation for GIDEON SMITH and the BRASS DRAGON in all its glory (click on the image for a cleaner view). You can see the full Tor catalog (there are one or two other writers in there you might be interested in…) here in pdf format and should you be so moved as to want to pre-order Gideon Smith book 2 , check out these (US retailers’) links:

Barnes & Noble


The UK edition from Snowbooks will be available for pre-order shortly.



  1. I’m so happy there’s another one coming out but bummed it isn’t until Sept. I gobbled up the first one and just can’t wait for the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. That’s lovely to hear, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to say so! It feels ages away to me as well, if that’s any consolation. However, I did recently finish and deliver book three to Tor, so that’s something…

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