The Sun shines on Gideon Smith

Lovely review appeared in British top-selling tabloid newspaper The Sun today – thanks to John Wyatt for this wonderful piece on Gideon Smith.

You can buy the book on Amazon UK here and from Amazon US here and at all good retailers.





  1. Not that I am usually inclined to agree with ‘The Sun’ on much – but ‘Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl’ was a really enjoyable read. I shall certainly be on board for any future adventures of Gideon’s…

    Overall I found it to be a remarkably adept deployment of many of the themes found in Steampunk, but with some little twists and quirky ideas that I really enjoyed.

    Having just finished being tortured by the final book in Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant series (which was like wading through slightly acidic treacle) reading your book was like being given a pair of steam powered roller skates. I feel much better now.

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