Genesis of a cover: Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl (UK)

20130720-150015.jpgI think we all agree by now that both covers to Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl – the US Tor and UK Snowbooks editions – are very different but things of beauty in their own right.

I’ve already extolled the virtues of Spanish artist Nekro, 20130225-224610.jpgresponsible for the Tor cover. But how did the UK edition cover come about?

Emma Barnes, head honcho at Snowbooks, takes a great personal interest herself in cover design, and she’s shared some of the disparate elements that came together to make the astonishing end product.

stock-illustration-8459597-retro-portraitsFor example, this stock retro illustration provided the wonderful cameo-effect central image for Maria, the Mechanical Girl of the title herself.

Some sample “hand-drawn banner” artwork gave the Victorian-style look to the design.stock-illustration-23523974-vintage-hand-drawn-banners

And, given the cover was designed in much earlier in the year, when we were embarking on the best stock-illustration-22176069-christmas-vintage-frameBritish summer we’d had for ages, a very festive Christmas design gave Gideon his look and cover tones.

Add a sprinkling of stock pictures of cogs and gears for that steampunky look… and Bob’s your uncle. A rather nifty cover that is somewhat more than the sum of its parts!stock-illustration-11238232-gears-abstract-background

Should you want to hold this beautiful beast in your own paws, you can get Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl at all good retailers including, now,


One Comment

  1. I adore the UK cover but I’m not keen on the US cover at all. I don’t mind the painting but it’s the actual design of the cover features that I don’t like.

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