Genesis of a cover: Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl (UK)

20130720-150015.jpgI think we all agree by now that both covers to Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl – the US Tor and UK Snowbooks editions – are very different but things of beauty in their own right.

I’ve already extolled the virtues of Spanish artist Nekro, 20130225-224610.jpgresponsible for the Tor cover. But how did the UK edition cover come about?

Emma Barnes, head honcho at Snowbooks, takes a great personal interest herself in cover design, and she’s shared some of the disparate elements that came together to make the astonishing end product.

stock-illustration-8459597-retro-portraitsFor example, this stock retro illustration provided the wonderful cameo-effect central image for Maria, the Mechanical Girl of the title herself.

Some sample “hand-drawn banner” artwork gave the Victorian-style look to the design.stock-illustration-23523974-vintage-hand-drawn-banners

And, given the cover was designed in much earlier in the year, when we were embarking on the best stock-illustration-22176069-christmas-vintage-frameBritish summer we’d had for ages, a very festive Christmas design gave Gideon his look and cover tones.

Add a sprinkling of stock pictures of cogs and gears for that steampunky look… and Bob’s your uncle. A rather nifty cover that is somewhat more than the sum of its parts!stock-illustration-11238232-gears-abstract-background

Should you want to hold this beautiful beast in your own paws, you can get Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl at all good retailers including, now,


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  1. I adore the UK cover but I’m not keen on the US cover at all. I don’t mind the painting but it’s the actual design of the cover features that I don’t like.

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