UPDATED Gideon Smith – announcement regarding availability on Amazon UK and others


**UPDATE: Amazon UK now taking orders for the Snowbooks paperback and currently listing it as being in stock from Monday September 30. So, fill yer boots!**

**Please note – the below refers only to Amazon UK. Amazon.com has stock of both the ebook and the trade paperback**

So. Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl was officially published in the UK by Snowbooks last week.

Not that you’d know it from looking at the book’s page on amazon.co.uk. For reasons really best only known to Amazon at this stage, the book is showing as unavailable.

This is mystifying on a number of levels. One, the book has been printed. The printed copies have gone to the wholesalers. The wholesalers have sent copies to Amazon. They are, presumably, sitting in Amazon’s warehouse.

But they’re not showing on the website. Now, better people than me at all levels have been both figuratively banging their heads against walls and taking the issue up with Amazon. I’m now at the point where I’m almost literally banging my head against a wall.

If you’re one of the people who have pre-ordered from Amazon, and been told the book is unavailable, I’m sorry. I hope it won’t put you off buying when it does go live, or from elsewhere.

And, though Amazon is the biggest online book retailer, and it’s a massive pain in the backside not having the book “live” on their site, let’s remember that oranges are not the only fruit, and all that.

If you’re of a mind to check out Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl, there are other places you can buy it from, of course. And, handily, I have some links just by me here!

  • NEW – Guardian bookshop selling for £6.39 with free shipping, despatched within 24 hours. CLICK HERE
  • You can buy direct from the publishers, Snowbooks, who are very nice people, by CLICKING HERE
  • The Book Depository (strangely, owned by Amazon, yeah, yeah, I know) is shifting them out within the day of order, I’m told by satisfied customers – CLICK HERE
  • Waterstones says it will deliver within 7-10 days (CLICK HERE). However, it’s showing up as in stock in a whole load of UK stores – if you GO HERE and input your postcode, it’ll tell you the nearest store that has it in. Buy it in person! Talk to someone!
  • Good old WH Smith has it in stock (CLICK HERE) and is selling it for a ridiculously low price to boot!
  • The Hive has stock and will post free for collection at your local indie bookstore! CLICK HERE (via Eddie Cochrane in the comments)

And last, but not least, please, please, please do feel free to support your local indie bookshop by asking them to order it in. If you want to find your local indie, check out Indiebound. All the details you need are:

Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl

By David Barnett

Published by Snowbooks

ISBN: 9781907777974

So, sorry if you’ve been interested in Gideon but been a bit stymied in getting it. I hope you’ll still look at getting hold of it, even if it might not be as easy to do so from Amazon as I’d hoped it would be.




  1. Just to let you know I’ve been hunting round for an ePub version of the book – in the end I managed to get a copy from Diesel eBooks (despite it saying US only). Came to £5.02.

    1. Hi Scott – thank you for that! There is supposed to be a Kindle edition imminent but on current form I’ll probably not be holding my breath… I hope you enjoy it, though.

    1. Yes, that’s the US edition which there seems to be no problem with regarding distribution. Just Amazon UK and the Snowbooks edition pictured above.

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