O2 Media Awards – In which nice things are said about me

Feature writer ru 1Last night I attended the O2 Media Awards for the Yorkshire and Humber, which was held at the Rose Bowl, Leeds Met University. I was up for the Feature Writer of the Year category, for my work with the Telegraph & Argus in Bradford, in which I was Highly Commended (yes, that means I didn’t actually win the top prize, but when there is pork pie and mushy peas and lots of beer, there really are no losers).

Anyway, here’s what the judges said:

David Barnett’s portfolio was a joy to read said the panel. Well crafted background features plotting Bradford’s demise as an economic hub coupled with witty, engaging columns that made even the most mundane subjects utterly readable. They loved his first person piece on renowned magician Dynamo and tongue in cheek look at the Bradford Batman, a real-life caped crusader who handed over a wanted criminal to Bradford police. A brilliant all-rounder.

Should you wish, you can read some of the mentioned stories on the links below:

Interview with Dynamo

Charting Bradford’s post-industrial decline

In search of the Bradford Batman

My weekly column for the Telegraph & Argus


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