Work Sets You Free – A Gideon Smith original short story

worksetsyoufreeThe first of my original short stories either featuring Gideon Smith – hero of the forthcoming novel Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl – or set in his alternate-1890s world, has gone up on

It’s entitled Work Sets You Free – a loaded, possibly triggery title, I know, though I hope it is in context with the story – and is a kind of “untold story” that takes place mid-way through the first book, when Gideon is on his way from Sandsend on the Yorkshire coast to search for Captain Lucian Trigger, Hero of the Empire, to solve the mysteries plaguing his home village.

It’s a fairly lengthy tale, and you can read it here. The illustration is by the wonderful Nekro, who has also provided an image for the second short story, Business As Usual (forthcoming in September) and, of course, the cover to Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl.BusinessAsUsual20130720-145954.jpg

Should you prefer to shell out some cash and read it on your e-reader, you can buy it from Amazon for Kindle and direct from Tor.

Amazon UK – 66p

Amazon US (not sure of price, a dollar maybe?)

Direct from Tor in a variety of ebook formats



  1. Reviewed it for SF Signal this past Friday. Really, really enjoyed it and it has me excited for a book that was not necessarily on my radar beforehand. Well done, look forward to more of Gideon Smith’s adventures.

  2. Stumbled across you from the ‘Shameless Self-Promotion’ entry on Scalzi’s site, though I could have sworn I’ve heard of your book somewhere before. Hmm…

    Anyway, I do plan to read the novel when I get a moment, but I wanted to make sure I could read the two stories on without either spoiling anything or hopelessly confusing myself.


    1. Hi there… Wow, that worked on Scalzi’s site, then! Thanks for coming. The two shorts on shouldn’t really spoil anything for the book, so go ahead. Might be interesting to re-read them after the book, as well, because they should have even more resonance, though they do happily stand alone.

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