What they say about Gideon Smith #7: The Press, York

20130720-142816.jpgToday sees a lovely write-up in The Press, the daily newspaper of the York area. It’s always gratifying for a genre book to get a positive review in a publication aimed at a mainstream audience.

Indeed, the reviewer says: “Now fantasy books are not for everyone. They’re not for me, for a start. Not my sort of thing at all – or so I thought until I was a few chapters into Barnett’s highly engaging romp.”

The Press covers Whitby, where a lot of the early action in the first book takes place, and Sandsend, home of Gideon himself, so it’s especially nice to get a good review.

You can read the full review here, but here’s a taster:

David Barnett pieces together a fantastical story in this dizzying adventure story. His tale is so tall it threatens to give itself vertigo, yet he pulls off an imaginative feat in grand style…Barnett should be congratulated on this imaginative journey


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