What they say about Gideon Smith #5: Juliet McKenna at Albedo 1

juliet-e-McKenna-070212Juliet McKenna is surely one of the hardest working people in British SF. She is a writer with a huge and great body of work, she was one of the driving forces behind this year’s Eastercon. She also makes time to review books for the Irish spec fic magazine Albedo 1, and in the current issue she takes an in-depth look at Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl. It’s a long piece and I’d recommend getting hold of a copy for the full text, but here’s a nice little pay-off line:

“Barnett weaves an inventive new tapestry from the multiple threads of legend, pulp-fiction and historical myth-making…It’s the literary equivalent of those optical illusions the Victorians adored; where an ambiguous picture shows a beautiful girl and an old crone at the same time. How could the sequel possibly fail to prove just as entertaining?”


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