Gideon Smith short stories announcement

worksetsyoufreeI’m delighted to announce that two short stories set in the world of GIDEON SMITH and the MECHANICAL GIRL, which is published in September by Tor Books in the US and Snowbooks in the UK, will appear on the website.

The first is entitled WORK SETS YOU FREE, and is sort of an untold episode from the novel, featuring Gideon Smith and what happens to him when he inadvertently finds himself promising to devote his life to the service of God at an abbey20130225-224610.jpg with a dark secret run by gun-toting nuns.

You can see the excellent artwork for this story to the left, created by the excellent Borja Fresco Nekro who also provided the wonderful cover for the US edition of the novel (right).

The second tale is called BUSINESS AS USUAL, and serves to shine a little light into the shadowy corners of the British Empire’s most secret service and its chief operative, the mysterious Mr Walsingham.

The best thing about (well, one of the best things) is that its weekly Wednesday short stories (by actual other people you’ve actually heard of) are completely free, gratis and for nothing.

I’m not sure when the two Gideon shorts will be online (or, as it goes, which order they’ll be in), but it’s likely to be just ahead of and maybe just after the publication of Mechanical Girl, which is September 10.


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