Gideon Smith: Scheduling announcement

13256339-illustration-with-calendar-august-6Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl will now be released by Tor books on August 6, 2013, not the previously-released date of May 28.

The delay is not due to any delivery problems or issues with the manuscript, but simply that the cover is not quite ready yet; although it would be ready for production at the original date, now is the time when Tor’s marketing and publicity departments would want to be making presentations on next season’s books to the buyers at the big bookstore chains. Quite simply, it’s a lot harder to sell a book with no cover, so the decision was taken to put the book back just ten weeks.

I’m not sure how this affects the scheduling of the subsequent books in the series, but as soon as I have confirmation from Tor on that I’ll post details here.

Needless to say, the book is still available for pre-order:

Amazon US – Click here

Barnes & Noble – Click here

Amazon UK – Click here

The Book Depository

…and at all good retailers, online and in real life.

Also, as soon as the cover is ready I’ll be posting it here.


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