You’re going to like this. Not a lot…

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting top street magician Dynamo, aka Steven Frayne. Dynamo performs astonishing and frankly scary feats of illusion. To be quite honest, I’m mostly of the opinion that he is actually a witch and is hiding in plain sight, performing his dark magic under the cover of being a mere showbiz trickster. It isn’t many centuries ago that he’d have been burned at the stake.

Which would be a shame because he’s a really nice lad – incredibly unassuming and not in the least bit “starry”. He’s just very, very talented.

Dynamo’s got a book out, Nothing is Impossible, which is pretty inspiring stuff, detailing as it does his early life on Delph Hill, a Bradford council estate, his battle with bullies and his illness with Crohn’s Disease – something which I know is very scary because it put my dad in hospital not too long ago.

Anyway, you can read the fruits of our chat here at the Telegraph & Argus, where the piece has been published today.

I’ve always liked magic and magicians – I interviewed Derren Brown some time ago, and suspected him, also, of being a warlock pretending to be an illusionist. I’ve tried my hand at magic myself… with, let’s face it, disastrous results. Take a look at the thankfully brief but nonetheless excruciating video below. Be sure to take notice at about five seconds in when one of the little… dears… knocks my wizard hat off. Oh, and I don’t wear those Harry Potter glasses all the time. Just so you know.

But I do wear that dressing gown as much as I can.


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