Immanion Press titles: An Announcement

Rights in the three titles I’ve had published by Immanion Press – Hinterland, Angelglass and The Janus House And Other Two Fisted Tales – are reverting to me next month and after that will no longer be in print.

I’ll be talking with my agent John Jarrold about what to do with them, but at the moment I’m minded to keep them out of print – certainly for now. While I stand by the two novels and the collection, they do represent what I’ve come to think of as my pre-agented period, and with the Gideon Smith books coming out from Tor starting next May it sort of makes sense to have something of a clean start, career-wise.

Angelglass, especially, was well reviewed and continues to have a life in translation – it was published in 2010 by the Czech company Polaris and early 2013 a German edition will be out from Ueberreuter.

I am, of course, a little sorry that they’re ceasing to be in English editions, and my time with Immanion has been brilliant. I fully believe that I might not have continued to write had Storm and Immanion not taken on Hinterland, and the publication of that and the subsequent books – and some brilliant reviews they received – spurred me on to continue writing and improving.

If you’ve got a copy of any of the books, then you should hang on to them as when I’m like dead famous and all that they’ll probably be worth a packet.

For anyone curious about what my scratchings were like pre-Gideon Smith, I know that there are a few copies of each still left on Amazon and Storm tells me she has some copies at Immanion – the catalogue page for me is here.

Naturally, popCULT!, from the superb Pendragon Press, is still in print.

So thanks to Immanion, and to Storm and her team past and present – Donna Scott, Sharon Sant, Gabriel Strange, Lydia Wood, Andy Bigwood and David Gentry – who have worked on editing, illustrating and flogging my books. And thanks to everyone who said nice words about them in print – Eric Brown, especially, has been a staunch supporter.

And thanks and goodbye to Hinterland, Angelglass and the Janus House – it was nice knowning you.



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