The game’s afoot!

Delighted to announce that I have had a story accepted for publication in the anthology Encounters of Sherlock Holmes, out from the most excellent Titan books in February 2013 and edited by the exemplary Mr George Mann.

There is some top talent in this book (which will be followed by a second volume in 2014, I believe) including Paul Magrs, Mark Hodder, Eric Brown and James Lovegrove – delighted and humbled to be in such company.

The stories in the anthology are all, I understand, set in the traditional Holmes milieu of late Victorian/early Edwardian England, with some of them straight Holmes homages and others with a more fantastical twist.

I’m currently writing the as-yet untitled third Gideon Smith book, which features a reasonable facsimile thereof of The Great Detective. I flirted with setting my Holmes story in the Gideon Smith world but in the end decided against it for a variety of reasons.

Thus my story will feature the classic cast of Holmes, Watson, Lestrade etc, in a fairly recognisable Holmes-ish universe, with someone other than the Great Detective taking centre stage to solve the mystery.

The book is available to pre-order at Amazon.


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