“Get your silver underpants on; you’re nicked”

Crime and Science Fiction – are they worlds apart or do they share an increasingly close relationship, literature-wise?

There’s a panel at the Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival at Harrogate on Friday July 20 on this very subject, chaired by David Quantick and featuring Charles Stross, Ben Aaronovitch, Stuart MacBride and Christopher Fowler.

Anyway, I’ve done a piece over at the Guardian on it. Quantick has some fun with quotes such as this one: “”Crime is mainstream by virtue of the fact that it’s more real, ie we see it all around us, it affects us and it’s in the real media – newspapers, etc. SF isn’t because it doesn’t fit those categories.

“SF is also geeky because it’s like a geek – it can’t do relationships, its sex is all fantasy and it can build a warp engine but it can’t make a cake. Crime, even the loner PI stuff, is about people who drink too much, have relationships, get lonely and – most importantly – feel sad when their loved ones die. Mark Billingham’s very good on the human effects of murder. Harry Harrison isn’t. I expect.”

Read the whole piece and join in the debate here.


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