What they say about Gideon Smith #1: Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Here begins an occasional series of reporting the things (hopefully all good, but perhaps there’ll be some stinkers as well) that people say about the Gideon Smith books.

Book 1, Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl, is not scheduled for publication by Tor in the US until May 2013, but early copies of it have been winging their way to the sort of names in genre fiction that make me fairly humbled that my editor has got them to even agree to spend their time reading my stuff.

Among them is Jon Courtenay Grimwood. I’m a huge fan of Jon’s work and if you haven’t had the pleasure, you might want to start with his Outcast Blade series. He’s also just signed up with Canongate books for a literary non-genre novel entitled The Last Banquet, under the name Jonathan Grimwood.

Anyway, here’s what Jon had to say about Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl, in a handy soundbite-sized mini-review/comment:

Meet Gideon Smith, hero of the Empire… Vampires, villains and vice, Dave Barnett happily hacks his way through 19th Century fiction to create Victorian England as it should have been – automatons, dirigibles, Egyptian mummies and all!

Which, coming from someone like JCG, is bloody good enough for me.


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