Barnett’s Cabinet of Curiosities – Exhibit 4: Face in a Darkened Car Park

Laughing, or screaming? That is the question with which we are posed when studying this unmistakeable visage in the concrete of the first floor of a public multi-storey car park, somewhere in the north of England.

The face has been circled by the security guard who chanced upon it, adding yet more humanity to the features. But is that humanity a lie, does it give the illusion of a benign spirit when the face might not be chuckling but rather roaring with a malign intent?

The image has been… what? Scored? Scarred? Gouged? Clawed?… into the concrete, or so it seems. Perhaps it has not been inscribed from our side of the ether, but is instead the shadow or echo of something that has tried to push through from elsewhere. An after-image, burned on the material fabric of the waking world, from something other that inhabits the spheres beyond the veil.

The face has been taken into the custody of the Cabinet of Curiosities and after further testing it was revealed that the spray-paint used to highlight the strange apparition was laced with traces of both salt and silver. Perhaps not a mere security guard doing his job by bringing attention to a clutch of minor potholes, then. Perhaps the work of one who knows, and who acted swiftly to prevent any further incursion to the being whose terrible face this was.


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