Herd ’em up

Last weekend I went to Beat-Herder, possibly the finest boutique festival in the north of England. Possibly the finest festival anywhere.

I wrote a bit about it for the Telegraph & Argus, the salient points being:

“Beat-Herder is like all the best bits of Glastonbury that I used to enjoy so much, far away from the main stage where the big-name band du jour was pumping out their latest album. Beat-Herder is  like all the fringey, vague, fuzzy bits of Glastonbury, except that they are the whole point of Beat-Herder.

 “And it’s so friendly! People walk around, smiling and nodding. And nary was heard a discouraging word, and the sudden scraps that often broke out at Glastonbury or Reading were completely absent.

 “It was, in short, a bit like coming home. And more to the point, my all-time favourite band, Orbital, were playing on the Saturday night. My earlier misgivings about the mud and being too old for  this sort of thing were wiped out as I stood in that crowd with other old farts like me having a most agreeable time.”

My new favourite festival. And Orbital were immense. Looking forward to next year already… herd ’em up!


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