A Hero by any other name

So the first book of the Gideon Smith series for Tor is done, pending any further edit requests from my editor Claire Eddy, and I’m about halfway through the first draft of book 2.

Book 1 has always had the working title HERO OF THE EMPIRE, which is based around the fact that one of the characters is given that particular appellation, and much of the plot revolves around whether he actually deserves it.

However, Tor aren’t too enamoured with it. We’ve been tossing ideas around for an alternative, and nothing leaps out. I thin Tor would like something more “steampunky”, but there isn’t an obvious suggestion presenting itself.

As Book 1 (as it is now known) isn’t due to be published until May 2013, there’s still a wee bit of time left to come up with something punchy and unforgettable. And I’m sure Claire and her Tor colleagues, who have much more experience of this sort of thing than me, will step up to the plate.

Still, it’s somewhat disconcerting not knowing what my book’s going to be called, especially as I plan to spend the next year telling everybody and anybody about its impending publication.

It also feeds into the series arc as a whole, as I’d got it in mind to follow the same titling process, ie SOMETHING of the SOMETHING. If Hero doesn’t fly as a title, that makes it all redundant.

You will, obviously, be the first to know when the title’s settled.


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