BSFA Awards nomination for popCULT!

I was very pleased to see that popCULT! has been nominated for a British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) award.

You can see the full list of nominations here – by dint of my surname I was actually top of the alphabetical list for a while, until someone went and nominated those pesky writers Dan Abnett and Ben Aarnovitch.

The way the BSFA works is this – members get to nominate books they think are worthy of attention, published in the year of the awards (in this case 2011). As far as I understand it, the books that get the most nominations go forward to the shortlist. The winners are announced at Eastercon – this year at Heathrow.

So popCULT! has received at least one nomination. Looking at the big hitters on the list, I shouldn’t think the book will progress beyond the nomination stage – I would be astonished, delighted and probably a bit bemused if it was shortlisted. But the fact that at least one person thought the book worthy of nomination is pretty good, in my view.

I’m not really into promoting this sort of thing and asking on Twitter or Facebook for other BSFA members to nominate popCULT! also. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so backwards at coming forwards, but it seems a bit odd for me to do that, and I think I’d feel somewhat uncomfortable doing so.

popCULT! is a strange beast, hard to classify, though with a definite SF flavour. It’s great for me, and for Chris Teague at Pendragon Press, the publishers, that it’s been nominated. So if it was you wot done it, thanks.


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