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My current project is CALLING MAJOR TOM, to be published in 2017 by the new Orion books imprint, TRAPEZE. I’m also the author of the Gideon Smith series of steampunk/alternate-history/fantasy novels, published in the US by Tor Books and the UK by Snowbooks.

I’m represented by the John Jarrold Literary Agency.

You can also see my journalism work at my Barnett Media website.

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In which lovely people say nice things about #CallingMajorTom

CallingMajorTom-R2 1CALLING MAJOR TOM has been out in ebook format for a couple of weeks now (the paperback is released June 29). There have been some very lovely writers saying extremely nice things about it… here’s a selection below, with links to their own books which you should obviously buy.

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Australia! New Zealand! Calling Major Tom has landed!

cmt-internationalOn January 31, 2017, a special international trade paperback edition of CALLING MAJOR TOM is made available in Australia, New Zealand… which essentially means you lucky people get a dedicated physical copy five whole months before the UK.

Why? Well, because you’re all lovely, lovely people is why. I should know – my mum’s cousin lives in Sydney (hello Brenda) and has three Aussie-born kids (who are now probably nearly as old as me (hello Susan, Leslie and Scott). Also, Hachette’s Australian operation read an early draft of the book and thought it so funny they demanded their own edition, to come out before any whingeing Poms got their hands on it. Continue reading

#CallingMajorTom launches in e-book today

CallingMajorTom-R2 1Take your protein pills and put your helmet on… CALLING MAJOR TOM is out in e-book today.

It’s what they call a “soft launch”… the idea is that those of you inclined to read digitally might buy it, read it, think it’s the wasp’s nipples, and leave a glowing review on the website of your preferred provider, so that when the old-timers who insist on reading dead tree books come to peruse it in June they’ll see all these five-star reviews and simply have to buy it.

So. Here we are. Exactly one year to the day that I first began talking to Trapeze about a potential new book, it’s published. And what’s more, for a LIMITED PERIOD it’s only £2.99. Which is cheaper than a coffee if you buy coffee from overpriced outlets. And if you spill Calling Major Tom down the front of your trousers it won’t cause an embarrassing stain while you’re sitting in the office for the rest of the day. So it’s a win-win, really. Continue reading

Calling Major Tom and Carrie Fisher

Version 2Back in February, when I was writing a sample chapter of what would become Calling Major Tom, I had a very brief scene in it where Thomas, on his way to Mars on the first manned mission to the Red Planet, speaks to Carrie Fisher back at Ground Control, a birthday present of sorts to him from the British Space Agency. Continue reading

Cheltenham Lit Fest 2016 – free #CallingMajorTom exclusive proofs!

CallingMajorTom-R2 1

Delighted to say that I will be appearing at the Cheltenham Literature Festival again this year, on FRIDAY OCTOBER 14. I’ll be alongside Sarah J Naughton and Peter Dunne at a Trapeze event… not only will you hear from three authors about their upcoming books for the new Orion imprint but you’ll get a goody bag with advance reading copies of the books… probably before anyone else!

Tickets go on sale to lit fest members at the end of the month and from September 7 to the general public. For more details, click here.