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My current project is the Gideon Smith series of steampunk/alternate-history/fantasy novels, published in the US by Tor Books and the UK by Snowbooks.

I’m represented by the John Jarrold Literary Agency.

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The Utterly Awful Catastrophe – With Wilf Lunn

I am thrilled and delighted to announced I’ll be appearing with the legend that is Wilf Lunn at the Huddersfield Literature Festival this year, on Sunday March 15, in an event we like to call… The Utterly Awful Catastrophe.

Click here for more details and how to book, but here’s a taster:

There were quite a few theories as to why and how the world ended, but in the end all that anyone could agree upon was that it had been an Utterly Awful Catastrophe. Still, life, after a fashion, goes on – if nothing like it was before.

Let legendary inventor and TV presenter Wilf’ Lunn and author and journalist David Barnett be your guides through this very English post-apocalyptic world, with words, pictures and the odd surprise – the emphasis being on “odd”. Expect the unexpected…

Wilf’ Lunn – After taking advice from James Mason, whose parents lived on the same street, inventor, prop maker and presenter Wilf’ Lunn worked on many TV shows, including Magpie, Vision On, Ask Aspel and Fantastic Facts with Jonathan Ross. Known for his many inventions and cycle models, he published his autobiography, My Best Cellar, in 2008.

David Barnett – Award-winning journalist David Barnett is Assistant Editor at the Telegraph & Argus in Bradford. He is the author of several works of fiction, including the Gideon Smith series of steampunk/alternative history novels.

David Barnett will also be giving a talk at Mirfield Library as part of National Libraries Day on Saturday 7 February.

WG/54 Lecture Theatre 1, West Building Lecture Theatres, University of Huddersfield, Queensgate, Huddersfield HD1 3DH

£3 (£1.50 conc)

No age restrictions (under 16s should be accompanied by an adult)

See you there! And better bring a bicycle helmet…


An Open Letter to @caitlinmoran

Back in the 1990s I hated Caitlin Moran.

To be fair, back in the 1990s I hated pretty much everything. I hated crap TV and I hated Ocean Colour Scene and I hated Volkswagen Beetles and I hated marzipan. I hated everything, because I was in my 20s and when you’re in your 20s you think it’s your job to be nihilistic and dismissive and full of hate for everything.

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