Britain vs America – the Gideon Smith cover smackdown


June 19, 2013 by David



I like this Tor Books cover (left) of the US edition of Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl by the excellent Nekro… but I also like this Snowbooks cover put together by Emma Barnes (right) for the UK release.

Which one’s best?

There’s only one way to find out…

(click on both covers to enlarge and see them in their detailed goodness…) And all this is just for fun, remember.

If you want to add any further thoughts on both or either covers in the comments, that would be lovely. Perhaps one commenter will be chosen at random nearer to publication time for a freebie of some sort…

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6 thoughts on “Britain vs America – the Gideon Smith cover smackdown

  1. Dear sir, the UK cover works the best for me. I can’t wait to see it in reality. :)

  2. Jared says:

    The US one is super fun, but I think the UK’s is classier. CONCLUSION: They’re both good, but I prefer the UK version.

  3. One features “Mechanical”, the other “Girl”- also suggestions of crude energy vs something more intelligent

  4. If I were flipping through books, the US one would attract me first.

  5. Barbara E. says:

    I think the US cover is the most attractive, with the huge train, the steam, the people, just all of the stuff going on. And the font is wonderful as well. I’d definitely pick that one up over the UK version every time.

  6. Liss says:

    I love them both. I can’t decide. They both hold charm and I would pick either of them up.

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Out now! – GIDEON SMITH AND THE MECHANICAL GIRL (UK edition – Snowbooks)

Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon

Published by Tor Books (US) and Snowbooks (UK) on...September 16th, 2014
It's here! Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon!

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